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2007 Saturn Aura


Saturn Aura

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  • P0446 evaporative emission vent system performance. See picture. Vehicle will need evap smoke test to find out what the problem is. Hooked up scanner/scope to test EVAP system. Fuel tank Pressure reading 4.8V with fuel cap off and KOEO. Fuel tank Pressure is reading -15.21 under vacuum. Vent Solenoid 19.61 OHMS. Purge Valve 20.02 OHMS. All sensors check out good will be removing fuel tank for visual inspection. With fuel tank removed I hooked up smoke machine and inspected for any damaged and or kinked hoses, all hoses are good and no blockages where found. I blocked off all openings on fuel tank and used smoke machine to pressurize tank and Fuel Tank Pressure sensor still read negative PSI(vacuum). The only other thing is that the Fuel Tank Pressure is bad and giving a bad reading and needs to be replaced. Replaced the sensor and reassembled. In mode 6 system tested good. Test drove. All still seemed good now however, now having fuel smell. Disassembled again. Removed fuel tank again. Found fuel pump sender assembly leaking fuel. Replaced. Re-tested. No further codes setting and no further smell of fuel. Test drove for 2 days repeatedly to do cold-start-up drives. No codes set still. Got vehicle SMOG tested as evap can be allowed to not be ready. Customer can leave vehicle longer if she would like for us to do more test drives, or she can pick it up and put the evaluation / readiness monitor readying miles on it herself. Note: Fuel pump sender assembly came with new pressure sensor, so returned the pressure sensor we originally installed. *********** IN EXCESS OF 15 MAN HOURS SPENT ON THIS VEHICLE. NOT CHARGING FOR ANY OF THIS TIME. ********************
RACHEL G. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/17/2021
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